JANKY is an LA-based virtual personality and full-time cartoon stuntman.

He catapulted to fame after falling off a float at the Pride Parade. Videos of Janky in a rainbow tunic belting out “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” while being run over by parade floats briefly went viral.

Since then he’s dreamt of becoming a wealthy social media influencer, with mixed success. Janky lives in James Franco’s old trailer, parked behind the Warner Brothers lot in LA.

Inquiries: influencer@superplastic.co



GUGGIMON is a fashion horror icon, toy artist, and mixtape producer based in Montreal, Quebec.

Guggimon has earned a cult following for his sold-out designer toys, guerrilla art pieces, and bootleg mixtapes. He collects handbags & axes and is known to binge-watch horror movies on VHS.

Rumors that Guggimon is involved in art vandalism campaigns around the Quebec capital are forcefully denied by the artist.

Inquiries: influencer@superplastic.co