Janky A$$ Roadmap 2021

How 2 build tha most dopest Metaverse on the Internutz- by Janky & Guggimon

“This has been an insanely fun year for Superplastic and I wanted to give an enormous thank you to all of our ridiculously amazing fans & collectors. Thanks to you, The Janky Heist NFT drop at Christie’s was a massive success. We’ve agreed to let Janky & Guggimon run wild in the JANKYVERSE and we can’t wait to share all the f**cked up plans and surprises coming between now and the end of 2021… and even more in 2022! Much love ❤️ PAUL.” -Paul Budnitz

Read on for the official Janky A$$ Roadmap, bookmark this page, and check back regularly for updates and other surprises.

As Janky himself says, “I’m more excited than tha Rock’s sweat towel on leg day 2 launch JANKYVERSE!!!🚀”-Janky  

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SEPTEMBER 30th, 2021 

We know how much our dirty little darlings 💋each unique NFTs you’ve created.  We loved stealing them from Christie’s for you ☠️.  And just like Janky and I, some CRYPTOJANKYS are more XXXclusive than others 💜.” - GUGGIMON 

Not all of the original CRYPTOJANKY NFTs dropped during The Janky Heist were created equal. Some are more exclusive than others! The JANKYNESS CHART will list all of Janky & Guggimon’s NFTs from the most exclusive on down… and will be continually updated over time as the JANKYVERSE evolves.


OCTOBER 1st, 2021

“Tha JANKYVERSE will B FILLED w/ virtual & IRL PARTYZ,  INSANE giveawayz, and sum RIDICULOUZLY DOPE stuff wee been workin' on w/ tha GUCCI FAM and more... .  Better tighten thoz Gucci belts cuz we bout to $hoot U through tha Moon .” -Janky

If you own one or more of Janky & Guggimon’s CRYPTOJANKY NFTs you’re automatically a member of the JANKYVERSE. Members get exclusive access to Superplastic’s digital & physical drops, live & virtual events, plus extra special airdrops, surprises, and more!

October 1: Official JANKYVERSE Store launches at Superplastic.co. This is a special section of our web store ONLY accessible to CRYPTOJANKY NFT and JANKYKOINZ token holders (more on that below!). Check it out for exclusive and/or early access to the dopest shit in the JANKYVERSE.

October 7: CRYPTOJANKY Avatars. Turn your CRYPTOJANKY into an avatar, and show your Janky pride by using it on all relevant (and irrelevant) social media platforms.

October 15: Name Yer CRYPTOJANKY.  Holders of NFTs get to name their NFT… and have that name permanently encoded on the JANKYNESS CHART (and blockchain) forever.



“If Bitcoin could only invite 1 friend to a Kanye West DONDA listening party on tha MOON it wuld be da JANKYKOIN.” -Janky 

November 1: Janky & Guggimon will begin airdropping JANKYKOINZ to CRYPTOJANKY NFT holders.  If you own our NFTs, you get JANKYKOINZ. For free. 

To get your JANKYKOINZ all you’ll have to do is create a JANKYVERSE account… and they’ll start appearing in your wallet on a weekly basis. The more exclusive your NFT, the more JANKYKOINZ you’ll get (a special shout-out to Purple Haze NFT holders).

There will be other ways to get JANKYKOINZ… like participating on our Discord channel, showing up at Superplastic events, hazing certain celebrities, and other awesomeness.

Over time JANKYKOINZ can be earned and used for exclusive digital and physical goods, access to Superplastic drops and events, experiences, contests online and IRL, special discussion on our Discord, and way more! 

A full whitepaper explaining how JANKYKOINZ work will drop November 1st, along with the first airdrops to CRYPTOJANKY NFT holders.



We can’t wait to crack open da Piggy & PARTY wit our FAM & show yu all my party trickz 🙀NSFW!!! ” -Janky 

The Janky Bank is another way we reward JANKYKOINZ holders: a percentage of all secondary market transaction fees will automatically be deposited into a community fund. As the account balance grows we’ll use those JANKYKOINZ for insane physical and digital events created exclusively for members of the JANKYVERSE.



Janky and I will be announcing exquisitely gorgeous plans over the coming weeks my BBs. Keep your thirsty little eyes open for happenings and plans @ Art Basel, Complexcon and MUCH more during the holiday season.” -GUGGIMON 🪓 

“This iz jus tha begining FAM. Me N’ Guggi x SUPERSPLAZTIC are creating so much AMAZIN $HIT in 2022 and beyondz.  This Jurney will be DOPER than Snoop’s ash-trayz after a Martha Stewrt visit. Buckle TF up, ❤️ U long time!!!”

- Janky