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Super Tragic Collection April 18th, 6:30pm ET On Nifty Gateway

Super Tragic Collection
April 18th, 6:30pm ET
on Nifty Gateway

About the drop

Deconstructive Pop Artist Matt Gondek destroys the Superplastic world with help from his Lil’ Shits. Holders of 2 or more of any Superplastic x Matt Gondek silent auction pieces in their Nifty Gateway wallet at 7pm EST on Sunday, May 2nd, will receive a BEAUTIFULLY SAVAGE (and extremely limited) “Silver Lil’ Shit Pile” NFT by May 21st in their Nifty Gateway Wallet.

Collect 2 Or More Superplastic X Matt Gondek Silent Auction Pieces and Receive A Super-rare Extra “Silver Lil’ Shit Pile” NFT.

What you get:

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Superplastic plants trees to offset carbon from all our products.