On June 17th @ 4:20-5:20 PM ET, a wallet snapshot was taken to verify SUPERGUCCI holders. Holders were required to hodl the SUPERGUCCI NFT in their wallet for the entire hour. The handmade ceramic sculptures will ship in 2022 to SUPERGUCCI holders based on the wallet snapshot. Information on shipping coming soon…



Draped in hand painted florals, crowned with green equestrian cap & strutting straight outta Bitossi's finest ceramic studios, SUPERGUCCI SuperJanky has arrived—8 inches of luxury are headed straight to the hands of SUPERGUCCI holders. If you own a SUPERGUCCI NFT, sign in for wallet verification. Once eligibility is confirmed, you'll be prompted to fill out your shipping information.

Redemption period to claim your SUPERGUCCI ends on June 30th.

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