KidSuper Plastic - The superhero no one asked for


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Designed by globally celebrated artist & fashion designer, KidSuper, aka Colm Dillane, KidSuperplastic is 8-limited-inches of perfectly finished Superplastic vinyl featuring an electroplated gold belt buckle, impeccable paint, a heroic cape, and a real removable engraved paint brush.

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Exclusive KidSuperPlastic Extras

Get a super limited gold KidSuperplastic enamel keychain featuring embossed logos with every online purchase.
*while supplies last

Every 10th in-store purchase of either KidSuperplastic figure will receive a super limited signed edition.
*while supplies last

The first 100 in-store purchases get a super limited KidSuperplastic premium gilclée print.

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The Hero
No One Asked For

Look up in the sky! It’s absurd. He looks in pain. It’s KidSuperplastic!!!

Smashing into Janky & Guggimon’s accident-prone universe, the question arises: will KidSuperplastic save the day, or will he lay waste and chaos across NYC? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain - these toys are Kryptonite. Please enjoy responsibly.

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KidSuper Plastic - Comic cover
KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 1 KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 2
KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 3 KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 4
KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 5 KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 6
KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 7 KidSuper Plastic - Comic page 8