Dayzee earned a double PHD in Nuclear Physics and Aerospace Engineering. She can fix just about anything, from rocket launchers to laser guns to Janky's bong. An incorrigible flirt who keeps her haters guessing and her suitors thirsty, her façade is addictively enigmatic.

Heroes: Rihanna, Rei Kawakubo, and The Rock. Playlist favorites include Jhene Aiko, Miguel, and Princess Nokia.

Janky & Guggimon

Janky & Guggimon are internet phenomena, fashion influencers, and content creators who have forever changed the face of entertainment.

Janky is a self-proclaimed streetwear icon, achieved by dumpster diving for discarded ‘fits on movie sets and outside of celebrities’ homes in Beverly Hills. He got his start as a stuntman following the release of a viral video being run over by Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” trailer. He is literally indestructible. 

Guggimon is a fashion horror artist, axe collector, and DJ. While keeping his identity a secret due to social-media anxiety, he amassed a global fanbase of more than 100K. He now self-medicates through destruction, micro-dosing, and posting thirst traps. 

Janky & Guggimon live together at the House of Plastic located just outside of Brooklyn. Their millions of global fans and followers are obsessively addicted to the pair’s violent, provocative, and sometimes illegal content.